History of St. Columba Lodge 1295

In 1922, a petition was sent to the Grand Lodge of Scotland by 34 Master Masons to form a third Lodge within Inverness. On the 3rd August 1922 our charter was granted.

Of our 34 founder members, 26 were from St Mary’s C.O.339, 5 came from St Andrews 601, 1 came from O.I.K.St John’s V1, 1 from St David’s 78 and 1 from Lodge of Melrose St. John 12.

Our first meeting was held on the 8th February 1923 at which 7 candidates were admitted to the Lodge. The largest intake of members was during the years 1943 to 1948. During this period there were many military in the area.

At this time Grand Lodge Laws allowed for more than one degree to be carried out at a meeting. On many occasions the Lodge worked the full ritual at double degrees. The late brother George Ross remembers it was often after midnight before they finished.

Throughout the years this lodge has held its meeting in many locations within the town. Early records show that meetings were held in Huntly Street, then in Young Street in the Glenalbyn Hotel. The lodge in 1955 bought an old building in North Church Lane which used to be used as a centre for the very poor in the town. Unfortunately due to years of neglect and the heavy costs of repairs, the lodge sold the building and moved into School Lane. From there we went to Hamilton Street, which belonged to St Mary’s Caledonian Operative 339. From 1969 till 1976 we used the Temporary Lodge room that had been created above the Masonic Club. On completion of the New Temple in 1976, three of the four lodges held their meetings in it with the fourth lodge joining shortly afterwards.

Over the years there have been many memorable and historical events that have taken place. We have also had some very distinguished brethren who have not only made a significant contribution to this Lodge but to Freemasonry in general. If we were to list then all, I fear you may well get bored, hence this abbreviated version of events.

On 3rd August 1922 a petition was received, from 31 Master Masons and a Charter No. 1295 was granted. There we 34 founding members. In the persons of:

Bro. John Gordon 339,

Bro. Joseph MacLennan 339,

Bro. Joseph Patterson 1/2,

Bro. James Jeffery Ross 105/30/339,

Bro. Hugh Fraser 601,

Bro. William Ross 339,

Bro. William J. Beale 339,

Bro. James Riggs 339,

Bro. Thomas M. Burns 339,

Bro. Alexander Dallas 339,

Bro. William Fraser 601,

Bro. Hugh Hutcheson 601,

Bro. James Campbell

Bro. Lewis MacKay 108/339,

Bro. Alexander MacGruer 339,

Bro. Harold Wilson 78,

Bro. George Neil 339,

Bro. John MacKenzie 339,

Bro. Victor Conn 339,

Bro. Andrew Thomson 6

Bro. Isaac Finkelstein 601,

Bro. John MacCallum 339,

Bro. William J. A. Brown 601,

Bro. John MacMahon 339,

Bro. James MacMahon 339,

Bro. Robert Shepherd 339,

Bro. John M. Noble 339,

Bro. Duncan MacDonald 339,

Bro. Thomas J. Mann 339,

Bro. Frederick Jackson 339

Bro. Alexander F. MacKenzie 339/601/854,

Bro. William Grant 339,

Bro. Alexander Shaw 339,

Bro. James Lyon 339